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SIU Library is subscribing 462 Print Magzines for the academic and research needs of the SIU academic community.

Institutewise List of Magazines

Institutes Name of the Magazines
Central Library,SIU Advanc'edge MBA
Central Library,SIU American Cinematographer
Central Library,SIU Architectural Digest India
Central Library,SIU Art India
Central Library,SIU Asian Photography
Central Library,SIU Auto Car India
Central Library,SIU Bloomberg Businessweek
Central Library,SIU Business India
Central Library,SIU Business Today
Central Library,SIU Business World
Central Library,SIU Communication Today
Central Library,SIU Competition Success Review
Central Library,SIU Discover Magazine
Central Library,SIU Education World
Central Library,SIU FICCI Business Digest
Central Library,SIU Filmfare
Central Library,SIU Frontline
Central Library,SIU Harvard Business Review
Central Library,SIU India Forbes
Central Library,SIU India Today
Central Library,SIU India Today (Hindi)
Central Library,SIU Industrial Economist
Central Library,SIU Money Life
Central Library,SIU National Geographic
Central Library,SIU Outdoor photography
Central Library,SIU Outlook
Central Library,SIU Outlook (Hindi)
Central Library,SIU Outlook Business
Central Library,SIU Practical Photography
Central Library,SIU Readers Digest
Central Library,SIU Sanctuary Asia
Central Library,SIU Saptahik Sakal
Central Library,SIU Sport Star
Central Library,SIU
Central Library,SIU Telecom live
Central Library,SIU The Economist
Central Library,SIU The Observer of Management Education
Central Library,SIU The Smart Manager
Central Library,SIU The Week
Central Library,SIU Voice and Data
Central Library,SIU Women's Era
SLS Pune Business India
SLS Pune Business Today
SLS Pune Carrer 360
SLS Pune Competition Success Review
SLS Pune Corporate Professional Today
SLS Pune Digit
SLS Pune Down to Earth
SLS Pune Economist
SLS Pune Employment News
SLS Pune Forbes India
SLS Pune Frontline
SLS Pune India Today
SLS Pune Kurukshetra
SLS Pune Lawyer’s Update
SLS Pune Lex Witness
SLS Pune Marmik
SLS Pune Media Watch
SLS Pune Outlook
SLS Pune Outlook Money
SLS Pune Paryavidhi
SLS Pune Pratiyogita Darpan
SLS Pune Reader’s Digest
SLS Pune Saptahik Sakal
SLS Pune Swarajya
SLS Pune The Caravan
SLS Pune The Radical Humanist
SLS Pune The Week
SLS Pune University News
SLS Pune Yojana
SLS, Noida India Today
SLS, Noida Business Today
SLS, Noida Reader Digest Magazine
SLS, Noida Money Today
SLS, Noida Outlook
SLS, Noida Outlook Money
SLS, Noida Outlook Business
SLS, Noida Outlook Traveller
SLS, Noida Outlook (Hindi)
SLS, Noida Economic and Political Weekly
SLS, Noida Business India
SLS, Noida Business World
SLS, Noida Competition Success Review
SLS, Noida Frontline
SLS, Noida The Week
SLS, Noida Civil Services Chronicle
SLS, Noida Pratiyogita Darpan
SLS, Noida Digit
SLS, Noida Time
SLS, Noida The Economist
SLS, Noida World Focus
SLS, Noida Harvard Business Review
SLS, Noida Down to Earth
SLS, Noida Lex Witness
SLS, Noida Customer Awaaz
SLS, Noida Corporate Professional Today
SLS, Noida Omnivat_R
SLS, Hyerabad Business World
SLS, Hyerabad Careers 360
SLS, Hyerabad Civil Services Chronicle
SLS, Hyerabad Competition Success Review
SLS, Hyerabad Corporate Professional Today
SLS, Hyerabad Employment News
SLS, Hyerabad Environment Law and Development
SLS, Hyerabad Forbes India
SLS, Hyerabad Frontline
SLS, Hyerabad India Today (English)
SLS, Hyerabad Law Teller
SLS, Hyerabad Lawyer’s Update
SLS, Hyerabad Outlook Money
SLS, Hyerabad Outlook English
SLS, Hyerabad Practical Lawyer
SLS, Hyerabad Reader’s Digest
SLS, Hyerabad Seminar
SLS, Hyerabad Sport Star
SLS, Hyerabad The Caravan
SLS, Hyerabad The Economist
SLS, Hyerabad The Week
SLS, Hyerabad Time
SLS, Nagpur Taxman
SLS, Nagpur Corporate Professional Today
SLS, Nagpur Good and Service Tax Cases
SLS, Nagpur SEBI and Corporate Laws
SIIB, Pune Civil Society
SIIB, Pune Indian Management
SIIB, Pune Krishak Jagat
SIIB, Pune Pharma Express
SIIB, Pune Down to Earth
SIIB, Pune Cashew Bulletin
SIIB, Pune Bio Spectrum
SIIB, Pune Floriculture Today
SIIB, Pune FIEO News
SIIB, Pune Power Line
SIIB, Pune Business Manager
SIIB, Pune Human Capital
SIIB, Pune Reader’s Digest
SIIB, Pune Sanctuary Asia
SIIB, Pune Udyogprerana
SIIB, Pune Focus WTO
SIIB, Pune Udyojak
SIIB, Pune Indian Infrastructure
SIIB, Pune The Economist
SIIB, Pune Mycorrhiza News
SIIB, Pune Energy Future
SIIB, Pune CII Communique
SIIB, Pune Agri Business and Food Industry
SIIB, Pune Terra Green
SIIB, Pune Autocar India
SIIB, Pune Kurukshetra: A Journal on Rurual Development
SIIB, Pune Fortune
SIIB, Pune Agriculture Today
SIIB, Pune Business India
SIIB, Pune Business Today
SIIB, Pune Business World
SIIB, Pune Dalal Street Investment Journal
SIIB, Pune Digit
SIIB, Pune Employment News Weekly
SIIB, Pune India Today
SIIB, Pune National Geographic
SIIB, Pune Outlook
SIIB, Pune Outlook Money
SIIB, Pune Outlook Traveller
SIIB, Pune Saptahik Sakal
SIIB, Pune Sport Star
SIIB, Pune The Week
SIIB, Pune Time
SIIB, Pune Frontline
SIIB, Pune Pratiyogita Darpan
SIIB, Pune Outlook Business
SCMHRD, Pune Autocar
SCMHRD, Pune Business Today
SCMHRD, Pune Competition Success Review
SCMHRD, Pune Dalal Street
SCMHRD, Pune Economist
SCMHRD, Pune Business India
SCMHRD, Pune Front line
SCMHRD, Pune India Today
SCMHRD, Pune Outlook
SCMHRD, Pune Outlook Money
SCMHRD, Pune Readers Digest
SCMHRD, Pune Saptahik Sakal
SCMHRD, Pune Sportstar
SCMHRD, Pune The Week
SCMHRD, Pune Yojana
SCMHRD, Pune Time
SCMHRD, Pune National Geographic
SIMS, Pune The Economist
SIMS, Pune India Today
SIMS, Pune India Today (Hindi)
SIMS, Pune Fortune ( U.S.)
SIMS, Pune The Carvan
SIMS, Pune Time ( International )
SIMS, Pune Outlook Business
SIMS, Pune Outlook
SIMS, Pune Outlook (Hindi)
SIMS, Pune Outlook Money
SIMS, Pune Competitions Success Review
SIMS, Pune Competitions Success Review (Hindi)
SIMS, Pune The Week
SIMS, Pune Down to Earth
SIMS, Pune Digit
SIMS, Pune Business India
SIMS, Pune Business Today
SIMS, Pune Business World
SIMS, Pune Frontline
SIMS, Pune Autocar
SIMS, Pune Sportstar
SIMS, Pune Reader Digest
SIMS, Pune Open
SIMS, Pune Employement News
SIMS, Pune Economic and Political Weekly
SIMS, Pune Human Capital
SCMS, Pune Bike India
SCMS, Pune Business India
SCMS, Pune Business Today
SCMS, Pune Business World
SCMS, Pune Competition Success Review
SCMS, Pune Current Affairs
SCMS, Pune Dalal Street Journal
SCMS, Pune Digit
SCMS, Pune Forbes India
SCMS, Pune Frontline
SCMS, Pune India Today
SCMS, Pune India Today (Hindi)
SCMS, Pune Marmik
SCMS, Pune National Geographic
SCMS, Pune Outlook
SCMS, Pune Outlook Business
SCMS, Pune Outlook Money
SCMS, Pune Outlook Traveller
SCMS, Pune Overdrive
SCMS, Pune Reader's Digest
SCMS, Pune Saptahik Sakal
SCMS, Pune Smart Photography
SCMS, Pune Sportstar
SCMS, Pune The Week
SCMS, Pune Time
SCMS, Pune Career 360
SCMS, Pune Competition Affairs
SCMS, Pune Down to Earth
SCMS, Pune Education World
SCMS, Pune Entrepreneur
SCMS, Pune Fortune (Asia)
SCMS, Pune Fortune India
SCMS, Pune General Knowledge Today
SCMS, Pune Harvard Business Review
SCMS, Pune Human Capital
SCMS, Pune The Economist
SCMS, Pune Wealth Insight
SIOM, Nashik Economic and Political Weekly
SIOM, Nashik Autocar India
SIOM, Nashik Business Today
SIOM, Nashik Business World
SIOM, Nashik Kurukshetra
SIOM, Nashik India Today
SIOM, Nashik Outlook
SIOM, Nashik Dalal street
SIOM, Nashik Readers Digest
SIOM, Nashik The Week
SIOM, Nashik Forbes India
SIOM, Nashik Fortune
SIOM, Nashik Competition Success Review
SIOM, Nashik Careers 360
SIOM, Nashik Wizarid
SIOM, Nashik The Economist
SIOM, Nashik Entrepreneur India
SIOM, Nashik Agriculture today
SIOM, Nashik Kurukshetra
SIOM, Nashik Agri Business and Food Industry
SIOM, Nashik Cargoconnect Magazine
SIOM, Nashik Down to Earth
SIOM, Nashik Outlook Business
SIOM, Nashik Outlook Money
SIOM, Nashik Outlook Traveler
SIOM, Nashik Maharashtra Chamber Patrika
SIBM, Bengaluru Open Source
SIBM, Bengaluru Reader Digest
SIBM, Bengaluru The Week
SIBM, Bengaluru Time
SIBM, Bengaluru The Economist
SIBM, Bengaluru Open
SIBM, Bengaluru India Today
SIBM, Bengaluru Outlook
SIBM, Bengaluru Business World
SIBM, Bengaluru Frontline
SIBM, Bengaluru Business
SIBM, Bengaluru Business Today
SIBM, Bengaluru Forbes India
SIBM, Bengaluru Outlook Money
SIBM, Bengaluru Fortune
SIBM, Bengaluru Outlook Business
SIBM, Bengaluru The Small Entrepreneur
SIBM, Bengaluru Economic and Political Weekly
SIBM, Bengaluru Fortune India
SIBM, Bengaluru Forbes Asia
SIBM, Bengaluru Civil Service Chronicle
SIBM, Bengaluru Digit
SIBM, Bengaluru Business India
SIBM, Nagpur The Week
SIBM, Nagpur Yojana
SIBM, Nagpur Outlook
SIBM, Nagpur Outlook Money
SIBM, Nagpur Pratiyogita Darpan
SIBM, Nagpur Forbes India
SIBM, Nagpur Fortune India
SIBM, Nagpur India Today
SIBM, Nagpur Outlook Business
SIBM, Nagpur Business Today
SIBM, Nagpur Business World
SIBM, Nagpur Dalal Street
SIBM, Nagpur Competition Success Review
SICSR, Pune Business Today
SICSR, Pune Competition Success Review
SICSR, Pune India Today
SICSR, Pune Outlook
SCIT, Pune Buiness India
SCIT, Pune Buiness Today
SCIT, Pune Buiness World
SCIT, Pune Competition Success Review
SCIT, Pune Dalal Street Investment Journal
SCIT, Pune Digit
SCIT, Pune Down To Earth
SCIT, Pune The Economist
SCIT, Pune Employment News
SCIT, Pune Entrepreneur
SCIT, Pune Fortune India
SCIT, Pune Frontline
SCIT, Pune Gruhashobhika
SCIT, Pune Harvard Business Review
SCIT, Pune India Today
SCIT, Pune Marmik
SCIT, Pune Mazi Saheli
SCIT, Pune National Geographic Magazine
SCIT, Pune Open
SCIT, Pune Open Source For You
SCIT, Pune Outlook
SCIT, Pune Readers Digest
SCIT, Pune Buiness Sakal
SCIT, Pune Sport Star
SCIT, Pune Time
SCIT, Pune The Week
SCIT, Pune Yojna
SCIT, Pune Forbes India
SIHS, Pune Reader Digest
SIHS, Pune Express Health care
SCON, Pune Health Action
SMCW, Pune India Today
SMCW, Pune The Week
SSE, Pune Business India
SSE, Pune Business World
SSE, Pune Business Today
SSE, Pune Outlook Business
SSE, Pune Outlook Money
SSE, Pune Outlook
SSE, Pune Competition Success Review
SSE, Pune Frontline
SSE, Pune India Today
SSE, Pune Reader's Digest
SSE, Pune Time
SSE, Pune Forbes India
SSE, Pune Saptahik Sakal
SSE, Pune Dalal Street
SSE, Pune The Economist
SSE, Pune Harvard Business Review
SSE, Pune Foreign Policy
SSLA, Pune Business Today
SSLA, Pune Business India
SSLA, Pune Competition Success
SSLA, Pune Digit
SSLA, Pune Frontline
SSLA, Pune India Today
SSLA, Pune National Geography
SSLA, Pune Open
SSLA, Pune Outlook
SSLA, Pune Reader Digest
SSLA, Pune The Caravan
SSLA, Pune The Week
SSLA, Pune Time
SSLA, Pune Down to Earth
SSLA, Pune Indian Literature
SSLA, Pune Seminar Magazine
SIT, Pune Auto Car
SIT, Pune Business Today
SIT, Pune Competition Success Review
SIT, Pune Frontline
SIT, Pune India Today
SIT, Pune National Geographic
SIT, Pune Outlook
SIT, Pune Readers Digest
SIT, Pune Saptahik Sakal
SSCA, Pune India Today
SSCA, Pune Uppercuts
SCMC, Pune India Today
SCMC, Pune Outlook
SCMC, Pune The week
SCMC, Pune Economic and Political weekly
SCMC, Pune Business World
SCMC, Pune Frontline
SCMC, Pune Competition Success Review
SCMC, Pune Smart Photography
SCMC, Pune National Geography
SIG, Pune Business Today
SIG, Pune India Today
SIG, Pune Yojana
SIG, Pune Employment News
SIG, Pune National Geographic
SIG, Pune Careers 360
SIG, Pune Outlook Traveller
SIG, Pune Competition Success Review
SIG, Pune Sportstar
SIG, Pune Pratiyogita Darpan
SIG, Pune Digit
SIG, Pune Reader's Digest
SIG, Pune Kurukshetra
SIG, Pune Femina
SIG, Pune Outlook Healthcare
SID, Pune Vogue India
SID, Pune Auto Car India
SID, Pune Overdrive
SID, Pune xBHP
SID, Pune Car India
SID, Pune Evo India
SID, Pune Motoring World
SID, Pune Poetry Magazine
SID, Pune Communication Design - Arts(CA)
SID, Pune Sight and Sound
SID, Pune Design World
SID, Pune Imagine FX
SID, Pune Harvard Business Review
SID, Pune MUBI Notebook
SID, Pune The New Yorker
SID, Pune Fast Company
SID, Pune Textile View
SID, Pune Vogue UK
SID, Pune Vogue US
SID, Pune i-D magazine
SID, Pune Dazed and Confused Magazine
SID, Pune Another Magazine
SID, Pune National Geographic
SID, Pune Smithsonian
SID, Pune Auto and Design
SID, Pune Top Gear
SID, Pune Eye Magazine
SID, Pune Design Anthology
SCMS, Bengaluru Business India
SCMS, Bengaluru Business Today
SCMS, Bengaluru Business World
SCMS, Bengaluru Entrepreneur
SCMS, Bengaluru Economic and Political Weekly
SCMS, Bengaluru India Forbes
SCMS, Bengaluru India Today
SCMS, Bengaluru National Geographic
SCMS, Bengaluru Open
SCMS, Bengaluru Open Source
SCMS, Bengaluru Outlook
SCMS, Bengaluru Outlook Business
SCMS, Bengaluru Outlook Money
SCMS, Bengaluru Fortune India
SCMS, Bengaluru Down To Earth
SCMS, Bengaluru Reader Digest
SCMS, Bengaluru The Week