University Library Committee


Following are the members of the University Library Committee nominated/elected in different categories.



  1. Deans of faculties, nominated by the Vice-Chancellorr
    1. Dr. Mrs. Shashikala Gurpur - Dean, Faculty of Law.
    2. Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean, Faculty of Health and Biological Sciences.
    3. Dr. Mrs. Dhanya Pramod - Dean Faculty of Computer Studies.
    4. Dr. Mrs. Jyoti Chandiramani - Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Heads of Universities, Institutions or Departments nominated by Vice-Chancellor
    1. Dr. R. Raman, Director, SIBM, Pune
    2. Dr. Ruchi Jaggi, Director, SIMC
    3. Mr. Abhijit Chirputkar, Director, SITM
    1. Dr. M. S. Shejul - Registrar.
  4. Student Representative
    1. Miss Aishwarya Meshra - Student Representative
  5. Ex-Officio Secretary
    1. Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal, Deputy Librarian

The Dean - Academics & Administration shall be the permanent invitee.


Functions of the University Library Committee

The committee shall have the following functions:

  1. To provide guidelines and instructions for:
    1. proper functioning of the library
    2. documentation services
    3. updating the stocks
    4. fulfilling the needs of the users and any other concerned matters
    5. any other matter related to working of library
  2. To prepare the annual budget of the library.
  3. To make proposals for the development of library.
  4. To provide the plans for modernization and improvement of library and documentation services.
  5. To recommend to the Board of Management, the fees and other charges for use of Library services by student(s) and other users.
  6. To prepare and submit the annual report on the functioning of the library to the Board of Management, at the end of every Academic Year.

Milestones and Recognition

Major Decisions Taken since 2011