Prof. Ruchi Jaggi

Officiating Dean

Dr Ruchi Kher Jaggi is a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Pune. She has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses for more than 13 years now. Her areas of specialization are Culture Studies, Communication Theories and Qualitative Research Methodology.

Symbiosis Institute of Design

Institute Overview

Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) established in the year 2004 and started functioning from its temporary location at Symbiosis S. B Road campus. In the year 2006 SID moved to its present location at Viman Nagar campus and became constituent of the University. SID offered a four yearlong Bachelor of Design (B. Des) programme with seven specializations. Eventually one more specialization was added.

SID focused on developing an innovative curriculum embracing international practice of design with Indian flavours. The curriculum is deeply rooted into Indian Craft, Art, Culture and aims at providing design solutions to the world population. SID creates an alcove to germinate design thoughts to unleash design skills on a prosperous dais. This creative dais aims at creating experts who can with their creative impulse get intoxicated within the ecstasy of design finally to participate and contribute to the most vibrant and the competitive profession of design. The work ambience enables one to explore the authentic conventional skills and the ethnic non-conventional skills, with no compromise to lead ahead the rooted traditions of art & craft to grow with the contemporary world of design.

Ms Sanjeevani Ayachit

Director  Ms Sanjeevani Ayachit

Sanjeevani Ayachit is currently the Director at the Symbiosis Institute of Design. With a Master's degree in Clothing and Textiles (M. S. University of Baroda), she has vast experience in the field of design and design-related education and consultancy.

On completing her Masters' education, she took up employment at the prestigious men's apparel company Raymond Apparel Ltd. (RAL), Thane, where she oversaw their finishing and quality control department.

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Institute Overview

Symbiosis School of Planning Architecture and Design (SSPAD) is an institution which brings together a perfect blend of three streams namely planning, architecture and design under one roof. We offer a five year degree programme in Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), a four year Bachelor of Design (B.Design) undergraduate degree and a two year Master of Design (M.Design) degree wherein, the students opting for these programmes choose their discipline of choice and will engage for four years honing the skills that will allow them to be industry ready at the end of it.

The Bachelor of Architecture course is skillfully designed by Council of Architecture the legal statutory body of India. The thrust of the programme is interdisciplinary with a large canvas that includes Imagination, Technology and Social-science to explore the understanding to translate in buildings, neighborhood, cities, etc. The students shall be geared up for effectively developing visual perceptions of built environments and acquire professional attitudes to said projects and depict the critical, contextual, regional identities and awareness at large.

Design is a field where you use your creative abilities to conceptualise most of the things that you see around you. From the clothes that you are wearing to the bag that you are carrying, this booklet that you are reading, and the frames of the glasses that you are using if you are wearing specs, the furniture that you see around you, the material that you see in movies, all is 'designed'. It's a lifetime commitment.

Dr. Nandini Kulkarni

Officiating Director  Dr. Nandini Kulkarni

Dr Nandini Kulkarni is currently the Officiating Director at the Symbiosis School of Planning, Architecture and Design. She is a Doctorate and the Ph D was awarded her on "Investigating The Impact of Quality of Life on the Peri urban Area of Metro cities."

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