Symbiosis - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence
1. Dr. Dhanya Pramod, Dean, Faculty of Computer Studies Chairperson
2. Dr. Vijayakumar Bharathi. S, Professor, SCIT Member
3. Dr. Mandaar Pande, Professor, SCIT Member
4. Dr. Sarika Sharma, Professor, SICSR Member
5. Dr. Pravin Metkewar, Professor, SICSR Member
6. Dr. Rajashree Jain, Professor, SICSR Member
7. Dr. Jatinderkumar Saini, Professor, SICSR Member
8. Dr. Kanchan Patil, Associate Professor, SCIT Member
9. Dr. Anil Jadhav, Associate Professor, SCIT Member
10. Mr. Shrikant Mapari, Assistant Professor, SICSR Member
11. Mr. Shaji Joseph, Assistant Professor, SCIT Member

SIU At a Glance

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