Symbiosis - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence
1. Ms. Sanjeevani M. Ayachit, Associate Professor, SID, Pune Chairperson
2. Dr. Nandini Kulkarni, Professor, SSPAD, Nagpur Member
3. Ms. Aditi Deshpande, Associated Professor, SID Member
4. Dr. Purva Mange, Associate Professor, SPAD, Nagpur Member
5. Dr. Pranita Ranade, Assistant Professor, SID Member
6. Ms. Neetu Navneet Singh, Assistant Professor, SID Member
7. Mr. Pankaj Sakpal, Independent Design Consultant Member
8. Dr. Vinayak Adane, Professor and Head, Department of Architecture and Planning, VNIT, Nagpur Member

SIU At a Glance

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